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Repair Process

We're here to help. Every step of the way.

1. Estimate XRA

Estimates are visual inspections of vehicle damage, which is the very first step of the repair plan. We understand that the repair process can be trying in more ways than one. That's why we offer free estimates online or in-store to make the first step of your process as simple and smooth as possible. No strings attached.

A critical addition to the estimate process is the XRA, or eXpress Repair Analysis. Completed in-store, this process is most comparable to an X-ray at the doctor's office. We combine repair planning with disassembly, scanning and surveying the damage with state-of-the-art tools making hidden damages a thing of the past. Completing XRA at the time of estimate helps prevent repair delays or surprise repairs in the middle of the process. Instead, we know everything from the beginning, offering you our most accurate financial and time estimates possible.

2. Repair

After all of the damages are documented, all parts are ordered, and a repair blueprint is built, we begin the physical repair of your vehicle. First, your vehicle goes through the body shop for sheet metal, structural, and non-structural repairs. Once complete, your vehicle moves right along to the paint shop where it is prepped and masked. Then, your vehicle goes into one of our heated, downdraft booths for painting and curing. Finally, after the curing process is complete, your vehicle is reassembled and moves right along to our quality check.

The coolest part of this step? You can check your vehicle's repair status at any point of the repair process.

Try it now!

3. Quality Inspection

You can rest assured that we inspect your vehicle between every step of the repair process. However, once your vehicle has been reassembled, we complete our Quality Inspection, ensuring that the parts fit, clips are secured, fluids are checked, battery and lights are operating appropriately, the board computers are not reading any errors on your vehicle, and much more. When we are certain that your vehicle is fully and correctly repaired, we give it a full detail and prepare it for delivery.

4. Delivery

That's it! You're vehicle is ready for pick-up! Before we let you go, we'll go over your vehicle's repair process and answer any questions you may have. Now, you can enjoy our lifetime warranty with a peace of mind, knowing that you've received the best repair possible.