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Repair Services

Quality Services, Lifetime Warranty

Our repair service list is as long as there are parts on a car that can be damaged. From body repair to headlamp restoration, C&R Collision can get your car looking brand new in no time. Our technicians are highly and regularly trained to offer you the best service possible. With industry-leading technicians and a lifetime warranty on all of our work, there is no one better than C&R Collision to repair your vehicle.

Services include:

  • body repair
  • dent removal
  • auto painting
  • glass repair
  • bumper and fender repair

OEM Policy

C&R prefers the use of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. However, you do have a choice regarding what parts are used in the repair of your vehicle.

OEM parts are superior in terms of fit and quality. However, an insurance company may only pay for alternative parts instead of OEM parts. In this case, there are other avenues. OEM manufacturers have conquest programs that allow them to sell original parts to shops for the same price as an aftermarket one. Every job written with alternative parts that goes through our shop gets submitted to the OEM dealer for price matching. While not every part qualifies, most do. If you would like OEM parts only, we are willing to work with you to help you get them.